RGF has successfully delivered multiple retained search assignments since 2010 and consistently outperforms global retained firms in the Asia market, supported by a near 100% completion rate. 

RGF offers a highly competitive, delivery-focused approach to retained search:

  • We seek a nominal up-front retainer fee for each project as a commitment from the client to work with RGF exclusively.
  • RGF identifies, contacts, and interviews prospective talent and presents a shortlist within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • We commit to finish the search within agreed timelines and provide refund and non-compete clauses.

Our Retained Service:

  • Retained search assignments are managed by a Senior Consultant and a member of our dedicated research team.
  • Clients are provided with detailed reports at regular intervals explaining the search progress, talent feedback, and useful market and competitor information.
  • The client receives complete exclusivity regarding talent introductions until they reject any potential talent from the search process.
  • We provide consulting on other areas outside of the hiring of new talent where required.

RGF recommends retained searches for:

  • Senior positions where both clients and candidates expect the process to be managed by a professional retained search firm.
  • New companies entering the Asia market without a dedicated HR function.
  • Sensitive high-level searches where the position involves the replacement of an incumbent.
  • A new business initiative where confidentiality is important, or where market perceptions affect the client’s ability to attract the right talent.