I have been working with a senior consultant from RGF for recruitments of our company, GM Vietnam. She has always demonstrated an outstanding service for the customer. Her knowledge of the industry, her understanding of the candidates, their strength, and weakness have ensured a high level of satisfaction with the service she provided.

The candidates she has been able to bring to our company have always the best fit with our environment, the business requirement at each time. They are also successful later in our company (Head of Sales, Marketing, and Head of After Sales…).

She has added value to the process by providing her thoughts/consultation to make sure we understand candidate and candidate understand the company. She also does not work to try to close the deal at all cost and neglecting either benefit of the candidate or company.

I have also had an opportunity to be served by her personally when she introduced an opportunity for me before. During the process, she has helped me to understand clearly about the company and prepare for me with a genius care that has made my transition process went smoothly.

I appreciate her as a professional who always understands and tries her best to bring the most value to her customers, either the companies or candidates.

Ms. Nguyen Huyen Chi, Head of HR & Change Management - General Motor Vietnam


RGF supported us finding a good top team fast and successfully to start the business and later more people for the growth of our company. They understand well WSE Vietnam spirit and profile of people we looked for, especially senior management roles.

RGF consultants understood our business so well and react fast to our needs. In addition, they kept a good connection with successful candidates and supported us working with them so well.

I would like to recommend RGF to any potential companies who need headhunting service.

Mr. Michel Le Quellec, Chairman - Wall Street English


We would like to take this opportunity to compliment the activities of RGF.

RGF assisted us in the successful placement of a very high-quality candidate to the newly created role of Country Manager, Mainfreight Vietnam.

What impressed us was the time and effort RGF’s consultants applied in understanding our needs, the cultural fibre of our company and the targeted “DNA” of our ideal candidate.

Their professionalism was truly second to none.

We have had numerous experiences in the past dealing with recruitment companies and their representatives, but dealing with RGF’s consultants has by far been the most rewarding.

Recommending RGF to any of your potential customers would be our pleasure.

Mr. Michael Lofaro, Mainfreight - General Manager, Asia 


AB Mauri Vietnam has been working with RGF to recruit some senior positions. With a limited time, we are very happy to have the shortlist of highly qualified candidates which mostly meet our criteria and expectations. It helps us to save time and resources in our recruitment process.

We have used several headhunters at the same time to search for our suitable candidates. At the end of the recruitment process, our interviewers have agreed and selected 3 candidates which all came from RGF to fill in 3 positions: 1 HR Manager, 1 Production Manager, and 1 Operations Director. It proves that RGF is a reliable headhunter.

We had worked directly with RGF’s consultant. She worked very hard. She knew how to ask the questions so that she could understand the client's expectations quickly. To follow up with the client on recruitment process was another outstanding. These really helped the client to spend less time and resources while the client was still able to find the right candidates with the right competency for the organization's need.

Mr. Tran Thanh Vu, Managing Director, AB Mauri 


I am satisfied with RGF Executive Search and have high trust on RGF capability to provide Microsoft with the best talents in the market. Beside RGF’s good relationship with senior talents in the market, they have very good knowledge and experience with Microsoft’s opportunities, challenges, requirement, and expectation that they can share to candidates before they decide to apply for MS’s vacancies or not. These factors help RGF to be successful with their recommended candidates to MS’s vacancies.

I trust them to be Microsoft Ambassador as well by having their professional recruiters to the searching service. I will think about RGR first whenever we have open senior roles.

Ms. Kim Anh, Microsoft

I am happy with RGF’s services as the modern recruit style. It brings the most suitable candidates instead of the best one

Ms. Cao Thi Quynh Chau, HR & Admin Manager - Marie Stopes Vietnam

TMG truly find RGF as our business talent management partner, whose responses to our TA need have been always evolving quickly enough to be current and relevant with truly rich insight industrial expertise. We are extremely happy to continue our partnership for the years to come. I would highly and respectfully commend RGF for its genius customer services.

Ms Tran Thi Phuong Lam, Group Recruitment Manager - TMG

Thank you for offering me the good position.

RGF supported me a lot from the beginning. I understand that I contacted their consultants many times, but they always put their full effort to assist me. I really appreciate their professionalism and patience during the process.

I would say that RGF is one of the best headhunting firms that I have ever cooperated, so I would like to recommend their service to any candidates if any.

A successful candidate at a freight forwarding company

We would like to take this opportunity to compliment of RGF service, for the very successful cooperation with E-mart Vietnam for the recent 2 years. I had an experience in contact with RGF for all the hiring needs when we started the business at Vietnam.

We are very pleased with the quality of service that RGF provides, the high professionalism, responsibility, and timely assistance in providing us with excellent standards.

We would recommend RGF to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We have appreciated the friendly business relationship we have had with you over the years. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

Ms. Cao Thi Hang, HR Supervisor - E-mart Vietnam

Thank you for your kindly support with Interfood. We appreciated RGF’s service for not only introducing us talents matching our expectation but also sharing with us the valued information that helps us a lot in the recruitment process.

We are satisfied with RGF’s service and we look forward to continuing the business with RGF in the next time.

Ms. Cao My Hanh, HRM - Interfood Shareholding Company

I was introduced about the job opportunity by one of RGF’s consultants few months ago. He is definitely a very capable consultant. As expected, he gives me enough information about the job requirement, and the company. Moreover, he shared me the interview feedbacks on time and in detail. I also really thanks him for his advice on what I should prepare and focus for next round interviews.

National HRBP at a global beverage company

That brings me a good impression with RGF. The way you work with candidates is professional and different from other headhunting companies, which helps me feel you are a true partner and be caring to my career.

I am very happy with your service and wish to work with you in future

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Loan, HR Solution Manager - Diageo VN

Through my experience working with RGF staff, I think RGF is a good and reliable company. I have been received right advice to build the new plan for my long-term career.

From my point of view, RGF team is experienced, patient, and transparency. Therefore, I am willing to introduce my friends or colleagues to work with RGF in the near future.

A successful candidate for Business Unit Manager at a global nutrition company.

I appreciate RGF service and are impressed with the service quality provided by the RGF consultants that I have worked with. They show sincere dedication to the job at hands with thorough understand about our organization culture and needs. I find the quality of service your company provides one of the best in Vietnam, with your demonstrated professionalism, responsibility and timely assistance. I look forward to the strong partnership between RGF and MJN in the months and years to come.

Ms. Nguyen The Thanh, Head of HR - Mead Johnson Nutrition

I experienced RGF consultant as a sharp, positive and very reliable professional with a passion for his job and great communication skills. In his role, trust, seriousness and communication play a key role and that is what he has”

Wolfgang Friess - Country Business Manager Infant Nutrition (Indochina) - Nestle SA

I am very satisfied with the professionalism of RGF’s consultant. He kept on track with my interviews, from the beginning to the end. In addition, all the information are provided quickly and accurately.

Therefore, in three words to describe him, I would say three A: Active, Agile, and Accurate.

Quang Vinh, Senior Java Developer - A global software client

We think that RGF has delivered a reliable services and good performance. We have received many qualified candidates based on our requirements from your company. We really appreciate your effort of bringing these candidates to us. Again, thank you for your kindly support. We hope you the best on your business and are willing to cooperate with your company in the future.

Ms. My Do, HR Executive - Contemi

Many thanks for your great job in consulting, assisting, and a great understanding of the job and your clients. I could tell that you have the whole right set of skills and you are an excellent recruitment agent.

I appreciate your clear information and well framed in the limits for both sides of clients. The advice for my questions was recognized helpful too.

Well done and thanks you very much. Happy to work with you.

Successful Direct Sales Manager at a tourism company


"I have been knowing RGF for many years. Most recent success was Sales Manager for Philips Lighting Vietnam. It was totally new industry, but a new challenge that is a worth for me to take.

Consultant team knew both requirements and came up with great solutions for all sides. Satisfying customers and candidates at the same time is not an easy thing to make, but in this case, complicated case, RGF still can work it out.

Furthermore, I like the way consultant team keeps contacting to a successful candidate like me, giving us more chance to share for better insight to create another success.

It is not every head hunting services could do. When you treat your candidate as a gift to fit your customer need, you will provide a long term solution and build trust and your reputation in the market.

I wish you are always be a top head hunter by heart"

Ms. Dao Nguyet Anh, Sales Manager, Philips Electronics

"To get best talents, we need best headhunting agencies. We choose RGF as one of them for recent years. RGF consultants know well our tough requirements, focus on targets, and provide a quality match. We are also impressed with their service dedication and frequent follow-up. Keep up and long!”

Dung Nguyen | Talent Acquisition Manager | Human Resources Department
Retail Branding Information Solutions | Avery Dennison

RGF is a headhunting company that cares about customer support and the quality of service for their clients. When using headhunting service of RGF, we believe a lot about their searching process that selects suitable candidates based on role requirements and culture fit. RGF has qualified recruitment steps and always support clients in any situations. We are satisfied with RGF service.

HRM at an industrial client of RGF

We are happy to work with a professional firm like RGF Vietnam. Their consultants are professional and supportive. To us, RGF Vietnam is a reliable, result-driven and customer-focused partner that understanding the complex matters of IT technologies in connection with our high demands.

All the candidates that RGF has introduced perform very well and catch up fast with our requirements.

We highly recommend working with RGF Vietnam.

Hella Vietnam

First and foremost, do allow me to congratulate RGF for having a great team.

I had a recent experience in contact with one of your consultants for a job opportunity in Vietnam. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by her dedication and professionalism in dealing with my case.

Throughout my long career history, I have come across many Recruiting and HR Agents. Some have worked with my previous employments to help recruit staff for our companies and there are others that have successfully helped me with a great career change.

But never have I came across an individual like her. She is beaming with enthusiasm and energy to help candidates go through the stressful recruiting and hiring process. She has exceeded all expectations that I have from a fine and renowned HR Agency like yours! RGF must be proud to have an amazing employee like her as she has proven to be an asset to your agency!

Mr. Norman Lim, Vice President Sales - Fisher Barton Asia
President, Singapore Business Group, HCMC 


My experience working with RGF Vietnam has been a positive one, having enjoyed the benefit of being recommended high calibre candidates, as well as strong follow-up.

The consultant working on our case has shown tremendous pro-activeness, as well as strong awareness and application to introduce candidates with relevant skill-sets and suitable profiles. She was also able to advise on key matters specific to the Vietnam labour market, including regulations, strategic trends, and local practices. This, I believe, is also the result of having a strong network, efficient working system, and also a supportive team in the background.

I would recommend RGF Vietnam to any companies seeking a recruitment partner with a high level of quality work and professionalism.

Mr. Gregory Choong, Human Resources Director (ASEAN) - Essilor International

Apollo has recruited several senior positions by using RGF services. We really like working with RGF consultant as she takes her time to analyze our needs and works hard to find matching candidates. In addition, she thinks outside of the box and takes the initiative to offer us solutions we may not have thought of. We are happy to recommend RGF for your recruitment needs.

Phan Thi Hoang Hoa, General Director - Apollo Education and Training Organization Vietnam

90% of our Senior Management team has come from RGF so one could say that RGF has been instrumental in helping to build the foundation of our company. Obtaining managers from RGF has allowed our business to grow faster and smarter due to the high quality of these individuals.

I like working with RGF because they seem to know our business and business needs very well on the personnel side. They react quickly when we have immediate needs and they do quality follow up to ensure all parties are satisfied.

For anyone deciding whether or not to use RGF, I would tell them that if they are truly interested in getting quality staff in a timely fashion at a reasonable cost, RGF is the best choice.

Mr. Andrew Whitmarsh, COO - Wall Street English