RGF Executive Recruitment has a strong track record in executive search and recruitment covering commercial, non-commercial and corporate functional roles from mid to senior level professionals for the following:

Testimonials from our clients:

“We found your service quality corresponding to Western standards in headhunting and recruitment service. Hence, we are strongly confident when considering to build up the long-term relationship with your company. Your service in terms of records management is excellent, the quality of candidates is assured to be in the upscale. Moreover, your organization timing suited to our requirements in terms of availability. Defined positions are very well done. RGF’s consultant is just simply effective, gifted, attentive by providing professional service.” 

Mr. Guy Lacombe - CEO
Happy Trend International Ltd.


"I would like to write this note to officially thank you for your great cooperation during our search for the position of Manager - Digital Marketing & Brand Equity at Mead Johnson Nutrition (Vietnam).

I highly appreciate your well-structured approaches in all steps and your deep assessment on the candidates recommended.  I find your passion and sincere care in how you worked to have both the company and the candidates needs met.  As shared, it is not about the best candidates having been identified but more important is the fittest ones who will be able to perform to their highest potential in the positions. You have worked to ensure the candidates strengths are the desired competencies that the company looks for and the job requirements fit well to the candidates interests and career aspiration that will result in the candidates' success when being appointed. 

Again, thank you for your great work and I look forward to working closely with you in our future needs.  I wish you a year of 2013 being filled with great health, happiness, and continuous success."  

Ms. Tran Thi The Thanh - HR Manager
Mead Johnson Nutrition


"I  would like to express my sincere gratitude to RGF Executive Search Viet Nam. You supported such an older aged candidate like to have the chance coming back to my favorite job which is a dream come true! 

You’re professional and very enthusiastic to all candidates. I Wish RGF to be more and more successful in the future and continuously bring great opportunities for every job-seeker as always.”  

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc My - HR Manager
Lap Sun International Co.Ltd


"I have been impressed by the professional service and expediency proven by the fact that RGF fulfilled their task of finding, screening, interviewing and presenting suitable candidates for the positions of Wall Street English Vietnam

RGF is one of the highest levels of service and has remained professional throughout our working relationship, I was impressed with the consultant's ability to locate and speak with candidates who fitted the brief that was provided professional throughout the whole process.
I would certainly feel confident in using your company again and would have no hesitation in recommending you."

Ms. Tran Nguyen Truc Giang - HR Manager
Wall Street Institute School of English