Land on your dream job through these questions


Have you ever been in a job interview and felt things were going well, then couldn’t come up with any questions at the end to signify your genuine interest in the job? Just what do you say when the interviewer asks the dreaded: “Do you have any questions for us?”

This is a golden opportunity for you to leave a positive lasting impression. It’s practically a gift. But does a fear of being perceived as presumptuous stop you from asking too many questions? Or, eager not to seem ill-prepared, do you decide to wing it and ask a question, only to realise too late that it’s something that the interviewer has already elaborated on? Ouch!

If this is where the interview usually fizzles out for you, use the following cues for what questions to ask during a job interview to create a meaningful interaction with your interviewer, and leave that all important positive lasting impression. Bonus? Armed with a deeper insight of the company – information that you cannot obtain easily online – you’ll be empowered to make your own assessment of the position and decide whether it’s the right fit for you.

Tell me more about the responsibilities for this role.

  • What’s a typical work week like?

While the interviewer would have talked about this earlier, chances are he would have just given you the broad strokes. Here’s an opportunity for you to get an in-depth view – the perks and pet peeves of working in the company, and perhaps, the reason why the last officer left. You will gain a better understanding of the role and a clear career outlook and also demonstrate to the interviewer that you’re genuinely interested in the job – you’re not just wasting his or her time.

Share with me your approach to management.

  • What is important to you in growing your team?

  • How would you motivate your team members?

Consider it a sneak peek to how your boss operates. In the process of answering your question, the interviewer would probably also segue into more about the corporate culture, and that way you can assess whether this is the place for you.

Tell me more about the career road-map here.

  • Are there opportunities to undergo learning and development programmes?

  • What’s the typical progression pathway for this role?

This is a no-brainer. It’ll show the interviewer that you’re not someone who switches jobs at the drop of a hat. You’re here for the long run. And that’s good news for the hiring manager.

Tell me more about the corporate culture here.

  • Who will I be working with if I do take up this role?

  • Are there any corporate activities beyond work? How do you and your colleagues spend time after work?

Besides giving you a better picture of what you can expect if you decide to accept the role, this question also demonstrates to your future employer that you understand the importance of being part of a team and are willing to bond after hours to develop key working relationships.

Burn these interview questions to ask into your brain and the next time the interviewer raises that dreaded question, you’re ready to make a positive and lasting impression.1