Orchestrate a harmonious team to success

Teams are essential components of an organisation’s performance. They are formed to achieve a common objective by leveraging the combined skills and expertise of different individuals. When the team is aligned, its individual members are often motivated to exceed all expectations and deliver important benefits to the organisation. A misaligned team on the other hand can result in conflict, mistrust and low performance. Leaders face even greater challenges today aligning teams that are increas...


Boost Your Chances of Success: 8 Simple Pre-Interview Tips

Regardless of whether you are a first time job seeker or if you have had work experience, it would always be good to prepare or remind yourself using the 8 simple pre-interview tips that RGF has prepared for you. This would be the first installment of our infographic series which we would be posting on our blog. The purpose would be to provide bite-sized information which are easily digested. Download pdf here


Competency-Based Questions: How To Handle Them With The S...

Answering interview questions can be difficult. If you find yourself struggling to condense your years of experience into a 60 minute conversation, the STAR technique may come in handy. The STAR technique lends structure to your answers and serves to showcase your achievements and capabilities. Read on to find out how to organize your thoughts and keep your answers sharp, factual and straight to the point! Download ‘Competency-Based Questions’ Infographics here