The Best Job Seekers Stay Ahead of the Game


Changing jobs can be a stressful time in anyone’s life, couple it with changing countries and it can at times seem overwhelming. However this does not have to be the case. If you keep an open mind and let professions take the heat off, you can make the move with ease.

When taking the decision to move jobs, the primary questions should be why are you changing jobs and what are you looking to improve from your current position. Once you are certain that the right feelings are motivating you, you should approach the move in the right way.

The Starting Point for Job Seekers

Does your choice of employer decide the country to where you move, or does the country come to mind first? For most people it is the job that comes first, however Vietnam is becoming such a draw for foreign investment and workers that increasingly people are expressing a desire to work here.

This is where our strengths come to the fore. With so any companies on our client roster there is a constant stream of companies looking for talented individuals; people like you.

Job seekers in today’s international market are better placed than ever before. The days of searching through endless job listings to find the perfect match for your skill set no longer really exist. Here at RGF we will work from both ends, to match employee and employer in the most time and cost effective way possible.

Additionally, the job for life mentality has all but completely disappeared. People now see their working life in sections, with 15 to 20 jobs being the average for a lifetime. According to Forbes, the average job now lasts for just 4.4 years. The same research, which interviewed some 1,189 workers and 150 managers, showed that the millennial generation expects to stay in each job for less than three years.

The upside to this is an increase in job satisfaction whilst the downside is the lack of financial security. However, the greater the experience job seekers have gained, the greater the chances of them not being unemployed for long. By making yourself desirable, you will never need to feel insecure.

Let the Job Come to You

Your employment stock is always greater if you are a passive job seeker rather than an active job seeker. Any show of desperation will instantly see you bargaining from a position of weakness. RGF immediately takes that out of negotiations. We will find a company that suits your requirements then promote you as the best candidate for that position.

Once you are established in your role it is, of course, then up to you to ensure that you become the type of worker that they will fight to keep. Of course this also means that other companies will see you as an employee that they will fight to get. Win-win!

At the same time you have to ensure that you keep one step ahead of any developments in your industry. By doing this you are future-proofing yourself in an ever moving market. The most successful job seekers are those that see this almost as second nature.


Changing companies and even countries really is not as complicated a business as many job seekers seem to think. Keep an open mind and allow professional people to do what they do best. By keeping cool and using RGF, you will be seen as an employer in demand. Companies will want you and that puts you in a position of strength.

Once you have made the move you will be surprised at how quickly you settle in. Expats in a foreign country all have one huge thing in common; they are all expats. This makes making friendships surprisingly easy. You will not be lonely for long. In cities like Ho Chi Minh City, for example, Districts 2 and 7 have large expat communities and they generally socialise in the same places. Bars and restaurants have a western feel to them and you will strike up conversations the minute you walk into one of them. Alternatively if you want the full on Asian experience there are districts like 4 and 3, which are almost exclusively Vietnamese but are adjacent to the main business area of District 1. These areas give you the best of both worlds.

If you want to learn more about how RGF can help you in fulfilling your desire to broaden your careers prospects in Vietnam visit our website at It will help you understand the huge advantages in allowing us to help you. We hope to hear from you soon and we are sure you will never look back as you let your career path move forward in Asia.