RGF Visits the Christina Noble Children's Foundation in Ho Chi Minh City


As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, RGF Executive Search Vietnam (RGF) visited the Christina Noble Children's Foundation Sunshine Social and Medical Centre in Ho Chi Minh’s District 3 on June 1st, International Children’s Day. RGF has a long involvement with the Christina Noble Children's Foundation (CNCF).
CNCF’s work in Vietnam is legendary, Christina first arrived in Vietnam just after the end of the war and was moved by the plight of many thousands of children. She built her foundation, which works in all areas of children’s development. Healthcare, education, and community development have all seen huge improvements because of the great work they do. RGF is proud to be involved with such a good cause through its corporate social responsibility programme.

The District 3 medical centre is the beating heart of CNCF’s Vietnam operations. It is not an exaggeration to state that many thousands of lives have been saved or improved at this wonderful facility. It provides International standards of healthcare to children, who are either orphaned, abandoned or from poverty-stricken families. The three storey centre, houses an Intensive Monitoring Unit, a Residential Care Unit, a Kindergarten and an Outpatient Clinic and Outreach Clinic.

Working closely with CNCF to fully understand the needs of the children, RGF donated 25 walking chairs to the centre. It is incumbent upon large companies in Vietnam to get involved in corporate social responsibility programmes and RGF takes this very seriously. In addition to donating equipment, staff members enjoyed interacting with the children and they found the visit extremely rewarding.

It is worth remembering that as well as a treatment centre for children, for many of them it is their home. Obviously, this means that there are house rules for visitors and CNCF apply these vigorously, the most important things are the safety, happiness and well being of the children.

For the visit RGF staff members were divided into two separate groups and guides Ms. Ngoc Anh Nguyen and Mr. Piers Birtwistle showed each group around the facility. Corporate social responsibility is both a serious business and tremendously rewarding experience for RGF staff members who were honoured and happy to be involved. The two groups visited all units in the medical centre, played games, chatted to the children and just generally hang out with them.

To find out more about the Christina Noble Children's Foundation check out their website here,