RGF Releases ‘Talent in Asia’ Report


Last month, RGF International Recruitment Holdings Limited released the ‘Talent in Asia’ report. The report has been conducted with the aim of better understanding the needs, demands, and expectations of both candidates and employers across a wide range of Asia markets and industry sectors. The report is a comprehensive analysis of the broad industry and country hiring trends across 11 countries and markets in Asia: Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), India, Japan Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.  It is based on RGF-owned data compiled via a targeted survey completed in March 2019, which gathered information from more than 3,500 respondents, which includes employers and candidates across all markets and 10 industry sectors.

Key Findings of the Vietnam market:

  • Top 5 Industries Vietnamese Talent want to work in:

    • Technology, Internet & Telecommunications

    • Consumer & Retail

    • Industrial 

    • Professional Services

    • Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • 92% of the Talent expect a salary increase to switch jobs

  • 58% – of survey respondents in Vietnam said they were open to leaving their homeland. Of that flighty talent, the majority said they would like to decamp to Singapore (14%), followed by North America (7%) and Europe and Thailand (both at 5%)

  • 23% is the average salary increase expected

  • 8.3% are investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to aid their recruitment strategies and find the right talent

For more information about the Asia market, kindly download the report.

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