Using Innovative Recruitment Strategies To Bridge The Digital Talent Gap In Vietnam


"Consumers across the region are now more accustomed to the convenience of digital channels to make purchases. This allows them to save time
and shop from anywhere as long as they have had wireless data or internet access. Some consumers even feel online shopping gives them access to a
wider selection of desired products. 

With the rise of e-commerce across the region, companies both foreign and local are exploring a variety of ways to capitalize on this wave of growth. Competition is a fierce and enormous investment that is often required to establish the necessary infrastructure, logistics, and brand-building initiatives.

As we know, business strategies are brought alive by people, so these companies must focus on their talent strategies as well. There has been a trend of hiring talent outside of e-commerce, poaching candidates from industries that are fast-paced, data-analytics driven and entrepreneurial – e.g. FMCG and investment banking, among others. Some of the e-commerce companies are also building robust training and development programs to provide staff members with opportunities to grow. Because of this practice, we believe online marketplaces are overcoming the talent."

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