How Business Changes Change HR


When the business changes, so does HR. 

Business changes may add more work to HR department when there appears a rising need for business operation and employees to adapt and change. In the case of COVID-19 pandemic, the new law from the government has changed most employees to work from home. HR department for that reason is in need of implementing new management policy to make sure the business runs smoothly. 

Understanding the context of the change

Change is constant to most businesses and constant change is the new business normal. 

It means we all need to be ready to deal with organizational change management at any time. We cannot expect from the business to manage changes itself without the engagement of HR.

What needs to change and what will remain constant?

Businesses see all kinds of change. It can be new hires in management, or the adaptation of new software to rethink on how to achieve the goal of dramatic improvement. The fact that whether they are top-level company-wide changes or project-based changes, most company employees work within a constantly changing environment. 

However, human resources professionals have a tremendous opportunity to transform their organizations in light of emerging business trends. 

The changes are constant, just the business management plan that needs changing.

By when should this change be implemented?

Normally, the change process would include certain phases that require a considerable length of time. The phases skipping can creates only the illusion of speed and never produces satisfactory results. Only when we implement new changes early for the business, we would be able to adjust the scope of the change or postpone the initiative when problems arise. Additionally, we can see potential pitfalls well before they become actual problems.

How HR should faces changes

1. Use the right form of communication to keep everyone in touch.

2. Take it slow.

3. Have a plan.

Change is inevitable in the corporate world, but there are steps you can take as a good manager to be prepared to succeed in today's rapidly evolving business environment.