5 Steps for Starting a Career Change in the Time of Coronavirus


COVID-19 pandemic is described as an unexpected event that currently shocked most people’s habitual routines. 

Our plan for career change is not an exception. It leads us to ask questions about what really matters and what is worth doing when we rethink about our careers. Here are 5 steps you should consider before starting a career change during this pandemic.


1. Break your options down 

Before making a career change decision, It would be better to consider about the reason. For examples, hiring managers in fact might take your given experiences and skills to envision you in the new role. In other words, they would consider all possibilities that you might benefit the business and help them grow. So If your goal is to change job industry or function, It might take employers longer time to calculate whether you are the right fit for the position.

It is also important to know whether your career change option is long term or short term. Some types of career changes may simply be stopgap measures rather than a permanent new direction.

2. Do your personal branding

Unless you share your knowledge or interest in certain industry, hiring managers would never know you are a potential candidate for the position. This is why you should keep sharing and commenting on articles relevant to you job industry or function. 

Let your profile stand out on social media channels, let people know about your profession and build your thought leadership. Especially when you plan a long term switch to other industries, strong personal branding on social media would lessen time for employers to consider recruiting you for the position.

3. Know your timing

Senior-level executives might find it challenging to switch career, but this is not the matter of age. The more years of work experience people get, the more financial independents, humility and self-identity flexibility they will have. Then It would never be difficult for senior-level person to make a career change as long as they acknowledge well about their value.

4. Control and leverage

This COVID-19 pandemic might be a good chance for you to switch careers in case your let employers know your decision to switch and your capability in the new industry. Focus on the fields you gain best control and stop worrying about your weakness. 

You would also be encouraged to reduce expenses, learn new skills and reach to your old connections to grab new changes in your targeted industry.

5. Anticipate how industries would be like in 2021

The one thing that the virus may impact, experts say, is what certain industries may look like a year from now. For instance, retail, which was already going through a major disruption before the pandemic, almost certainly will look different a year from now than it did a year ago. 

Before making a career change, you would better research and foresee how your targeted industry would be likely to change before jumping into it. No one seems to follow a career path that is expected to go down after this pandemic.