Can Generation Y be CEO of My Business? – Part 1: Values


Within corporate businesses, they tend to appoint older generation to hold top-ranking executive positions such as CEO, COO or CFO. 

But in the previous few days, there has been honors for the first appointed millennial CEO at Masan Group in Vietnam. This has also raised a question for business leaders as whether or not they can appoint a millennial employee to their CEO or equivalent positions. 

Known as Millennial Generation and born in the 1980s and the early 1990s, Generation Y is likely to be very ambitious and achievement-oriented. They often provide employers with huge potential of flexibility and great ability to adapt to new technologies. 

In this article, we have covered the set of values owned by generation Y that can make employers change their mind in recruiting and retaining talent at this age group.



Gen Y loves challenges and will not hesitate to test the limit of everything, and even themselves. They have such strong self-confidence, high ambition and little do they care about hierarchy. 

Cultural Acceptance 

Research has shown that Gen Y varies across culture and ethics, with one-third of the children under age 18 being racial or ethnic minorities. Furthermore, people at this generation have much experiences living in multicultural environment and been following alternative lifestyles, which might not happen with the older generation. Due to having grown up in such diverse society, Gen Y is often more willing to embrace and accept cultural differences than other age group.


In some research, Gen Y would have a tendency to accomplish the same task as other generations in less time. Freedom has driven their thinking that they deserve to work fewer hours even towards challenging tasks. “Do more with less”, that’s how they often call.

Research has pointed out that, Gen Y has strong belief in better working efficiency due to their familiarities with new technologies. More especially, they are confident in eliminating what is time-wasting and non-essential face-to-face interaction at work place.

Gen Y is well-known as active job-hoppers. Based on some findings, they can be able to change job at any given time. As mentioned, this is due to their high ambition which directly results in their expectations and values.

Ambition to Learn Everything

Gen Y welcomes and actively look for feedback from their leaders. According to a research, this may due to the fact that they get used to receiving constant feedback from their parents.

Additionally, they appreciate leaders that frequently give them direction regarding their performance. Gen Y is rarely afraid of failure. They perceive failures as life lessons, so that they can become a better version of themselves.

Team Work & Individualism

Gen Y values and respects individualism, therefore they truly understand a mix of strengths will contribute to great success. They feel comfortable working with their teams and appreciate every of their team member’s idea.


Gen Y can achieve generational harmony

What can be seen in this generation is that, they love spending time interacting face-to-face with colleagues more than just messaging and texting. Gen Y is also technological savvy, which can keep them closer to older workers y sharing their tech skills. Additionally, they are much to appreciate the experience and maturity of older generations that make people feel they are respected.