Start Career Conversations with Your Employee now, Here’s Why


Career conversations might involve the sharing of your value in the business with a clear career plan showing how you will grow within the business. 

Employee’s interest, outside issues, self- performance and development will change over time. Letting your employee wait for a year until they can have a possibility to discuss about their career path might make things worse. 

In this article, we have covered 2 biggest reasons why you should start a career conversation with your employee now.


Boost employee engagement 

Research shows that eighty-two percent of employees who have conversations more than once a month are highly engaged, compared to the 53 percent who only talk about their careers once a year or less.

Frequent career talk to your employees is more likely to make them engage with their work, give direct feedback to develop the business and expect permanent career growth at your business. That is when they are well aware about their goals which would be aligned with their tasks and responsibilities.

From employee’s perspective, It would motivate them a lot when business leaders care about their development and provide resources contributing to their growth. At this point, having a regular talk with employee about their career advancement might also be a part of retaining talent for the business. 

Develop self-awareness 

Understanding what your employees wish to achieve would help you set clear goals for them in the business, and more importantly let them see who they are in the business if they work on a permanent contract. 

As a business leader, scheduling specific times to talk about employees’ interest in your business and show them you know about their value would never be a waste of time.

Training and engaging with people often take a lot more than It sounds. But when you have done correctly, no words can explain the feeling of seeing your employees flourish in their roles.