What Keeps Employees Happy at Work?


Keeping different generations of employees happy has always been a challenging task for business leaders throughout the year. 

Competitive pay and good benefits might be useful for attracting and retaining top talent, but research has shown that there are many other desires that are more important than a paycheck.



When employees know they are considered as business partners, they know you value them. Having good partnership with individuals in the company would also mean about mutual benefit over a permanent working period. 

From employee’s perspective, feeling appreciated as a worker by business leaders could be motivational than ever. That is when employers are willing to invest time and effort in their employees and be with them through tough time to achieve success. 

As people often look for deep understanding from the others, listening to whether the ideas or personal concerns will make employees more open and honest with you. Your business might not offer free food, free transportation or free home of residence, but you might win every employee’s heart by listening to them.

You should also let them know that you are not the only one who value them in the business. Positive feedback from other colleagues could be great encouragement to a person. It would make him/ her feel like being rewarded and happy for their colleagues being aware of and appreciating their contributions.



A commitment to health and wealth being might always be factors employees and job seekers look for in a business. Workplace wellness offers more than just promoting healthy habits. It shows employees that the business truly cares about their health and well-being.


Job Satisfaction

One of the most underrated desire of employees today is to work with a purpose rather than just to work for paycheck. Some might consider contributing more to the good of society. Some might look for a work-life balance which make them feel happy than ever.

Clarifying the working purpose before joining a business would help employees connect better with their work and their colleagues. Furthermore, it would help boosting employee motivation, productivity and job satisfaction.



Business might hire for attitude and train for skill. This will ensure individuals to be the masters of their destiny, well delivering their tasks and avoiding feeling of being isolated. At this point, business may not only offer jobs to their candidates, but establish a working environment where their employees feel the most fulfilling and life enriching.

However, sometimes the simplest way to make your employees happy might be just a heartfelt “Thank you!”.