7 Seconds to Win Any Job Interviews


Good control of how interviewer evaluates your professional capabilities can help you seize the chance of winning any job interviews.

Here are 5 secrets for you to win any job interviews.



First impression

Do you know It takes only 7 seconds to make a first impression to your interviewer? This duration is enough for the hiring manager to make crucial determinations about you, which can be about your energy, trustworthiness or capabilities which are a perfect match for the role.


Vision yourself in the role

What strategy and plan will you implement to grow the business? How do you benefit the business? The answers will show why your values to the business are unique or exceptional. 


Get ready for small talk

Get ready for interactions with individuals you come across at the company, even when they are not your interviewer. A negative interaction with anyone at a company could ruin a job seekers chances at employment.


Manners make perfect

Be on time. Dress professionally. Turn your mobile phones into silent mode. Sitting up straight, doing eye-contact and enjoy the interview as much as possible. These professional manners would contribute huge success to your interview.


Elevator pitch matters

Hiring manager would be the person who know the job description most clearly. If you were the hiring manager, would you prefer concise pieces of information from an elevator pitch or a repeat of job description?