Can Generation Y be CEO of My Business? – Part 2: Employer of Choice


Given the characteristics to be highly flexible and willing to embrace any cultural differences, Gen Y employees are very confident and determined to have their choice of employers.

In part 1 we have discussed about the set of values owned by Gen Y that can make employers change their mind in recruiting and retaining talent at this age group. In this part, we cover the factors that influence Gen Y to make a career decision.


Why Gen Y chooses your business

There has been a theory about the correlation between candidate and business values. Potential candidates would be likely to stay when their values and goals match those of the business or contribute to the missing aspects of the business. 

Many businesses have ensured candidates finding their working environment best fit for them through different ways. For examples:

Clarify shared valued between business and employees ensuring that they can be great match with the business culture.

Write compelling job adverts which well capture business values and help the business stand out from its competitors.

Make the interview informative and interesting to candidates with relevant interview questions and giving direct feedback to the candidates.

Gen Y needs comprehensive management plan

Gen Y has different learning styles than others which prefer exploring and discovering first. According to a research, they would learn the best by doing with little direction, starting by the three-step process including listening, seeing and doing. 

If you take the traditional approach to training and managing Gen Y employees like trying to managing and controlling every aspect of the employees’ jobs, they would be more likely to become discouraged and loose interest in the business.

As Gen Y understands teamwork could bring about a mix of strength contributing to great success, they often enjoy working in collaborative environment and have deep respect for individuality. At this point, business leaders should make the first move to let Gen  Y know they are willing to work as team and appreciate individual ideas.