Video Interview Guide In The Time Of COVID-19 Second Outbreak


Video interview has become an essential part of hiring process, especially in time of covid-19 second outbreak in Vietnam.

The Southeast Asian countries are back on high alert after Vietnam government on July 18th -19th confirmed its first four COVID-19 community infections in Danang since April. Since then, regular interviews may not be conducted but replaced by video interviews for both local candidates and those from different country.

In this article, we provide practical guidance on how to get well prepared for a video job interview.


1. Technical Set-up for Video Interview

Skype interview and Zoom interview are most familiar video interviews for candidate in 2020. In case you have never used these software before, make sure they are installed in your device and you know how to use them well for a call. More importantly, make sure you and your interviewer both have each other’s ID or username for being connected on these platforms.

You may need to log in 10-15 minutes before the interview takes place to make sure internet connection and the software are ready.


2. How to dress up for video interview

You might win the first 7 seconds impression from interviewer with professional dressing. But when it comes to video interview, you should take it more carefully.

Avoid white color

The webcam works the best when your cloths are not too bright. Good control between natural light and artificial light will ensure your image looks clear via the webcam. 

You may need to wear a bold color that make you stand out from the background and avoid being blended into it.

Keep outfit simple

The simpler, the better. You should not wear stripes, busy patterns or heavy jewels which can be much distracting for the other person on the camera.


3. Eye contact and body language for video interview

Eye contact on video interview could be a bit different as people often look down at their own photo. Remember to maintain eye-contact by looking at the camera instead of our own photo window. You can try resizing your own photo and moving it close to your webcam for better experience. 

Besides, keep sitting up straight, smiling sometimes and practicing an ideal posture in front of the camera might win the impression of your interviewer.


4. Predict and avoid distractions

Your interview location should have no background noise or regular interruption of our children, your friends or pets. Furthermore, remember to turn off your alarm, mobile phone or any running programs on your devices which might interfere your interview.