Brand Communication Supervisor

Job Description

Company Overview
For over 50 years, we continue to build on the original values and principles established by our founders to ensure the passion for the business stays alive.

Job Description
- To create and implement the advertising plan for the responsible corporate and product brands under the approved total communications plan.
- Work with concerned departments and advertising agencies to devise an external advertising campaign that meets the corporate/ marketing objectives and budget.
- Liaise with global and concerned departments to develop the advertising for internal media among ABOs.
- Monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.
- Monitor and analyze the competitor’s advertising spending, trends and effectiveness.
- To create and produce all business support materials of the responsible corporate and product brands is Amagram, Newsgram, VFA-Nutrilite magazine, Starter Kit, new product launch BSMs, etc.
- Coordinate with global, concerned departments and designer/ third party agencies to produce product BSMs both for sales and free distribution including leaflets, brochures, DPS etc.
- Conduct the appropriate survey and evaluate BSM sales performance for more improvement.
- To cooperate with MKT & digital team to develop content for digital apps, website & social media.
- To cooperate with Technical Regulation for advertising licenses.
- To handle job responsibilities by special assignments.
- Work with other departments as a team to achieve the company’s targets in each special assignment.

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