Factory Quality Manager

Job Description

Company Overview
Our client is a major MNC and a global leader in industrial sector producing Food and Beverage products.

Job Description
Factory Quality Manager is in the factory the guardian of food safety and compliance and the challenges of all functions to drive Company’s Continuous Excellence in the pursuit of zero defect as the essential base for maintaining consumer trust and preference.
1. Quality Resource development at project phase:
- Develop Quality organization for new factory
- Build-up & maintain Quality competences at the factory (including techncial and management competencies, talent review, career and succession planning, etc)
2. Guaranree Food Safety & Full Compliance:
- Food Safety Management System: establish, manage, enforce, implement, maintain for new factory through ensuring system in place of HACCP, Company’s GMP, verification/ audit
- Ensure adherence to good hygienic practices, 5S in the factory. Ensure the correct implementation and supervision of the factory pest management programme.
- Ensuring full product compliance, system compliance through respecting of Company’s Policy, principle, standard with full transperance.
- Manage the internal auditing programme, assessing the performance of the quality system, reporting its effectiveness to the management and proposing actions for improvement.
3. Ensure Prefererence & Consistency:
- Ensure the correct functioning of the new factory laboratory, including personnel safety, availability of equipment and training of technicians & production people.
- Manage the program of QMS in factory through establishing, training, monitor effectiveness of programe across the function of factory.
- Ensure the product release meet all requirements of quality and food safety
- Expertise support the programe of new product development, new equipment, new line design ...
- Establish & manage internal programe of sensory evalution of factory, expertise support the sensory evalution for new product, new process ...
4. Strive for company's quality targets
- Problem Solving & Non-conformity management
- Expertise support for technical feedback to ensure consumer satisfactory , manage, monitor and coordinate improvement on product, process ... to meet consumer expectation.
- Ensure any change related quality & food safety to be kept track, assessment & verified.
- Leverge the mindset of defect prevention across the function of factory
- Ensure the monitoring of key quality parameters by means of statistical process control in order to drive structured root cause analysis and continuous improvement
- Lead the factory management review of quality
5. Engage everybody's commitment:
- Set up, manage, enforce and maintain the Company’s Quality Management System as well as establishing the Operating Quality Manual.
- Initiate to drive the improvement project in factory
- Proactive to crisis & issue prevention and management in factory.

- University graduate or equivalent (preferred microbiology, chemistry or food science)
- Operational Experience: Demonstrated capability to lead a group
- Business Experience:
o Management exposure across several functions
o Different factory and/or market positions, environments (Centre, Region, Market, Expatriation, Mission, Special Projects)
o Proven track record in delivering results by working with cross-functional teams
- Ability to communicate efficiently internally and externally in English.
- Ability to escalate issues to the appropriate functional person in charge.
- Mental toughness to go over the same issues day after day.
- Understanding of financial targets and of the overall budget structure.
- Good understanding of supply chain targets and KPIs.
- Good coaching skills.