IT Infra Manager

Job Description

Job Description
● Responsible for all BW office IT environment includes:
● Ensure all IT equipment is working properly, applies policy to avoid damage, missing, losing data.
● Ensure company network is secure by controlling Firewall, Router & VPN connection.
● Manage IT assets include server UPS, hardware, software licenses.
● Ensure all kind of license usage is legal, as well as avoid any action of illegal license usage by user.
● Coordinate with all department to understand company needs & goals, to provide IT related solution which is suitable with company’s projects & situations.
● Provide IT training to all department to improve working efficiency.

● Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or related
● More than 10 years experience in System Administration & IT Service Desk
● Office Operation & Administration Relations
● Administrator’s privilege of all user’s hardware & account.
● Administrator’s privilege of critical network devices.

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