Merchandiser - Footwear

Job Description

Company Overview
A big American operations with diverse business units.

Job Description
A supporting function to the Development Managers, with good experience in footwear development and detailed mindset. The main function is supporting on data entry, sample tracking, sample logistics and vendor support.
> Download and update BOM on PLM.
> Release latest SRF/BOM to vendor.
> Maintain the latest update information on PLM.
> Update/tracking sample status
> Assist vendor for proto/SMS material order and tracking
> Assist Vendor for SMS/PR samples shipment and payment update to AMS office
> STF updating twice a week during SMS stage
> Marker sample tracking/photographing/keeping/recording
> Managing confirmation/keep samples in the office and showroom appearance
> Support Development Managers in sample development

At least three years footwear related experience
Degree in a Tertiary Institution, preferably related to foreign trade or language
Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word and Powerpoint
Excellent Vietnamese
Good spoken and written English skills
Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is a benefit

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