QC Manager (Furniture)

Job Description

Job Description
- Review drawings and anticipate issues with production
- Update product specifications and quality requirements from the customers, preparing necessary documents required to train workers with new information. Meet quality targets and ensure that product meets the company quality standards
- Report to Head Office daily providing quality status update
- Make quality control document including QC Checklists and Inspection Minutes
- Create claim follow up system, preventative actions and quality improvement system
- Improve the quality management system for quicker detection of defects and quicker corrective action follow up
- Discuss orders with team
- Confirm the sample with the supplier before mass production
- Ensure specifications and drawings are clearly defined and documented prior to mass production
- As needed, finding the best solutions and best materials
- Create QC checklists to be followed for each step of production (Quote checklist, Production checklist, QC checklist, Packing checklist)
- Source suppliers/materials, getting quotes and producing new samples
- QC colors
- Push suppliers to deliver products on time
- Support to find and assess suppliers’ capacity and their labor compliance standard
- Support to inform quality standard and approve samples so suppliers clearly understand the quality requirement
- Support training of suppliers to do productions and final inspections to ensure the highest quality

- 5 years or more experience in furniture and QC
- Have experience working with US, UK or Europe based companies is a PLUS
- Excellent command of English – verbal and written
- Have experience negotiating with suppliers
- Technical understanding of furniture is a PLUS
- Furniture Quality Control
- Furniture materials is a PLUS
- Able to read and understand AutoCAD drawings

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