R&D Manager (Poultry/Meat)

Job Description

Job Description
• Evaluate parameters of execution of the applied processes in order to generate cost savings and efficiency, while preserving the companies quality and complying strictly with the regulations of Vietnamese health and food safety legal standards
• Collaborate with the internal departments involved in the R&D process in a pro-active relationship in order to execute the right procedure and comply within the aligned timelines
• Develop processes, procedures and formulations in order to assure the launching and the amplification of the poultry products of the division
• Communicate Process Implementation to the correspondent areas of operation and train the staff accordingly
• Research processes and technologies which are supporting the best practice operation and the quality of the products in order to guarantee and improve quality and reduce costs of our products
• Elaborate reports of testing results, yields and analysis in order to assure the documentation of all elaborated analysis and linked results
• Conduct projects related to R&D activities in order to manage the poultry NPD from brief to launching OTIF
• Structure a continuous improvement process, in order to improve constantly quality of products and processes of the poultry supply chain

• At least 3 years R&D experience in poultry/slaughtering processes;
• Fluent knowledge of English language;
• Team set up and leading ability
• Continuous improvement process skills;

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