Senior DevOps Engineer

Job Description

Job Description
You have good programming skill and passion to automate the infrastructure deployment, scaling, monitoring. You understand how to optimize the cost, performance and secure the system. You know how to setup a fault tolerant system and familiar in management network, Linux servers, docker container, Elasticsearch, MySQL, data backup… You want to work with the latest technologies and big system.

● Develop script to setup the infrastructure.
● Make the system scalable, high availability and high performance.
● Periodically review the infra bill, identity the abnormal cost, report and fix it.
● Develop the log, monitor and alert system.
● Keep the system work 24/7.
● Define and implement processes to handle company workflow.
● Document, train team members. Mentor junior team members.
● Communicate project status to team members

Additional Job Information
● Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science.
● 5+ years of experience in DevOps position.
● Very good verbal and written English language with strong communication skill

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