Senior Server Backend Engineer

Job Description

Job Description
● Architect, build and iterate our mobile applications.
● Database design for project (MySQL).
● Ensure the best possible performance, quality and responsiveness of the applications.
● Someone who can maintain the technology, develop new features/functionality, and build innovative solutions.
● Collaborate with other team members and participate in cross-functional groups.
● Avid users or strong understanding of social media/networking apps available on stores.
● Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems.

● Server engineer experience at least 4 years
● Lead experience at least 1 year
● Big team experience (at least 5 people)
● OR big service experience (over 4000 users)
● Good English skill

Additional Job Information
● Key-Value store knowledge, experience: memcached, Reids
● Database optimization experience: MySQL, SQL Server
● Server Side optimization experience (C#)
● Git experience: git flow, pull request

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