Senior Wear OS SI

Job Description

Job Description
• Collaborate with various teams including Google team, hardware vendors (SoC vendors and sensor vendors), core algorithm vendors/partners, etc. to customize Google's Wear OS for Company display smartwatches
• Integrate/customize/configure kernel/kernel modules for SoC as well as sensors (accelerometer, heart rate, gyroscope, thermal, pressure, light etc.) into Wear OS PDK
• Develop OEM customization
• Identify root cause and provide/suggest fixes or work around for device issues; work directly with vendors/partners to come up with solutions
• Collaborate with other Company teams to generate Wear OS builds for Google TA

• 3+ years of active experience in programming C/C++ at system service level - not application level.
• Experience in multi-threading, concurrency control, IPC, low level device I/O
• Experience with Linux subsystem including: bootloader, file systems, file system layout, kernel modules, etc
• Experience with C/C++ building tool chain and debugging like Make, gcc, gdb, etc

Additional Job Information
Duc Nguyen
Recruitment Consultant (IT&T)

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