Technical Director

Job Description

Job Description
• Develop the technical and nutrition supports for the commercialization of the ranges of complete feed and macro premix for poultry/swine in Vietnam.
• To make the link between R & D poultry or swine in Vietnam and the field conditions (commercial, farmers, distributors….)
• Propose development axes for the species (new technical concepts, products, digital and communication….).
• Prepare and conduct training and information seminars on management and nutrition in poultry/swine production for sales teams, customers and distributors in Vietnam/Cambodia.
• Supervision of the economic performances monitoring (budget/mix-product/margin/)
• Participate, with all local teams concerned, and Asia technical center, at the management of our ranges of products (nutritional standards positioning) and services.
• Make sure to maintain local technical level and train the local teams
• Promote a technical and nutrition differentiation on the market
• Supervision of the performances monitoring (technical and economical approach) of the poultry/swine productions; so, that implies access to all the technical data (field results, formulation, industrial technical data - production cards, budget ...)
• Ensure the information and the tools developed by the local teams are available on the market for the sales teams.

• University degree in Veterinary Medicine, ideally at MSc or Ph.D. level.
• 10 – 15 years of experience in at a similar position and knowledge of poultry or swine is an advantage
• Speaking English fluency

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