Wind Developer

Job Description

Job Description
• Manage the land negotiations with the owners or public representatives.
• Evaluate the technical and financial constraints linked to the electrical grid connection.
• Manage exploratory studies of grid connection (assess solutions for grid connection, closest substation).
• Identify all the impact studies to be launched (landscape, environmental, acoustic studies, etc.)
• Supervise the impact studies to be carried out, either internally, either externally through the expert cabinet.
• Manage the local consultation of institutional players and consultation of State administration.
• Animate public meetings or consultations to present the project, to the stakeholders or citizens, and facilitate the project execution.
• Obtain the preliminary and definitive authorizations (local and national) for all the installations, incl. measurement mast, and necessary for project execution and manage the administrative file.
• Identify the technical features of the projects according to economic constraints: equipment technology (wind turbines or solar panels) and plant size.
• Establish a budget and a business model for each project, with the first estimation of technical and economic assumptions.
• Identify development opportunities (Greenfield projects or partnerships with the local developers).
• Understand legal, tax, economic, the technical, and environmental framework of project development, with regulatory monitoring.
• Organize the prospection of sites that are suitable for the projects
• Identify and assess the potential sites on the territory (topography, cartography, technical constraints, State servitude, environmental constraints and potential local/regional/national plans of project planification, etc. . .
• Maintain relationships with institutions, administrations, regional and local authorities/Provinces.
• Realize pre-feasibility studies and coordinate feasibility studies.
• Planify the project execution.
• Present the project to the company board in order to get the GO/NO GO decision.
• Identify the clients (network or private) and negotiate the Power Purchase Agreements.
• Propose a development strategy, together with the country director.
• Take part of the negotiations and definitions of contracts (projects contract or partnership MOU) as part of the development of the activity.
• Identify competitors and their strategy
• Take part of any national syndication in the fields of our activities

• Has a background in Engineering, Master or equivalent
• With a 5 years minimum experience in the wind power sector
• Fluent in English is compulsory

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