Interview Process

Our interview process is designed to be as quick and decisive as possible, whilst still giving you all the information you need to know about our business.

Stage 1

In the first interview, you will meet someone senior RGF, usually a Manager who leads a specific team. This will be a technical interview where we will probe into the core competancies that are required to do the job or your recruitment experience if you have been working in recruitment roles.

Stage 2

Stage two will be relatively information meeting with a Director or our Managing Director. This give both parties the opportunity to ask lots of questions and see if there is an initial fit.

Stage 3

The final interview. This will be a final check and the last chance for either party to iron out any concerns.

After this you'll get to meet the team that you are joining, usually in a social setting, so either lunch, dinner or drinks.

If you are considering a career in recruitment agency, don't hesitate to submit your CV now!


Our Culture

We try to keep things simple, in that we judge people on results and nothing else.


Interview Process

We have designed the interview process to be as quick and decisive as possible.


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